Planning for and protecting your business in the event of your death, critical illness or incapacity.
Planning &
As a business owner, be it sole trader, partnership or through a company, you may be so focussed on growing your business that you have not given thought to what would happen in the event of your untimely death, serious illness or incapacity.

Without full and proper protection in place, you are leaving your business, and your family, exposed to the taxman, potential closure and financial complications.

Our business planning and protection services include:

  • Ensuring appropriate tax reliefs are available and conditions satisfied for such reliefs to apply.

  • Arranging for sufficient funds to be available to purchase a deceased’s interest in the business.

  • Implementing or reviewing shareholder and partnership agreements.

  • Use of provisions to ensure control of the business remains in the right hands and tax reliefs are not lost when you or a co-owner dies.

  • Determining what valuation method to use for valuing the business interest or shares on death.

  • Advising on what to do if you or a business partner/shareholder lose capacity or become seriously ill.

  • Business succession planning

We can assist with providing advice and implementing certain measures to help you protect your business and your family in the future.
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