Probate - dealing with a person’s estate after their death.
For most people, dealing with probate can be challenging, frustrating and time-consuming, in a time of grief. Complexities can occur that create additional obstacles before assets can be collected and distributed properly. Furthermore, there may be frictions between family members and other interested parties at an emotionally-charged time.
We provide support with:

  • Establishing the existence and validity of a Will
  • Requirements for statutory notices and the probate process
  • Collecting in the deceased’s assets
  • Paying off any debts and liabilities from the estate
  • Establishing beneficiaries and their inheritance rights
  • Discussing potential claims against an estate
  • Distribution of property and assets
  • Estate accounts (including tax calculations)
We are partnered with professional providers in probate, in addition to our own knowledge and experience, and can help ensure the probate process goes as smoothly as possible.
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