Trusts can provide a range of benefits and protection for you and your family.
A trust is an arrangement whereby someone (the trustee) is given the legal ownership of an asset or fund and entrusted to hold it on behalf of one or more beneficiaries. Trusts are an alternative to gifting assets or money directly to individuals.

Trusts can provide significant advantages over outright gifts:
1. Control
Although you normally cannot benefit from the assets put in trust, the trustees (which can include you) can retain control over them.
2. Asset Protection
Income from assets can be given to beneficiaries in a trust to limit the risk of losing the underlying capital due to their young age, divorce, or bankruptcy.
3. Care fees
It is possible that a local authority is unable to consider the value of a property within a trust in a financial means assessment for the provision of care fees. A trust should never be created with this intention.
4. Tax Planning
It is possible to mitigate inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax by placing assets in trust.
5. Providing for family members
From school or university fees to concerns about the effects of your spouse or partner (re)marrying after you have died, trusts can offer protection for such scenarios.
Trusts can be included in your Will, to take effect after your death, or can be created now in your lifetime.

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