Whatever your age, marital status, family situation and financial circumstances, it is important that you have a Will.
Do you fall into any of the following categories when considering a Will?
1. You think you don’t need a Will
The most essential element of a Will is for you to outline your wishes to ease the burden at a time of difficulty for family/friends. From financial distribution, to who is to inherit what, or preferences for your funeral.
2. You don’t have significant wealth
A Will is not about wealth, but about who you want to look after and pass things onto in the future, be they friends, family members or charities.
If you don’t specify your wishes in a Will, the laws of intestacy (when there is no valid Will) stipulate who inherits your estate.

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3. You don't feel ready
You may feel too young or not at the right stage in life. But making a Will is a quick and easy process, and once created can be updated at anytime. It can provide long-term peace of mind for you and your family and friends, knowing you have expressed clear wishes.
4. You haven’t thought of the consequences
Unfortunately, there can be (serious) consequences to not having a Will, that may require legal involvement, especially if you have a complex family scenario, multiple properties or your own business.
5. The process is too long and complicated
Information is required to be collected and important decisions made, but we help ensure the process is smooth and painless.
Our service includes:
We provide home visits to make the process easier for you. We will prepare your will in line with your instructions, give advice and ensure it is correctly signed and witnessed.

If you already have a Will, we can review it for free. This is vital if your family, or financial circumstances, have changed in any way.
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